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Worksite Wellness

Cobb & Douglas Public Health has been recognized as one of Atlanta’s Healthiest Employers since 2019. We are committed to the health and wellness of our employees and have developed numerous worksite wellness initiatives and policies for the betterment of our staff. A few of these policies and initiatives include a smoke-free and tobacco-free campus, encouraging physical activity breaks during the work day, hosting healthy meetings, offering healthier snack options, supporting breastfeeding, a standing desk program, and offering health-focused challenges. Our worksite wellness program offers resources and health education centered on stress management, work-life balance, healthy nutrition, physical activity, mental well-being, chronic disease prevention, and more.

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Our Chronic Disease Prevention Team provides assistance to district organizations interested in developing or expanding their worksite wellness policies, programs, and initiatives.

For more information, please call 770-432-7937.