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Adolescent Health & Youth Development

Adolescent Health & Youth Development aims to empower youth, ages 10-19, in the Cobb & Douglas Public Health District to advocate for healthy life choices. Through collaborating with schools, faith-based organizations, non-profit organizations, and other government agencies, a network of community-based support has been developed to help adolescents improve health outcomes and succeed as they move into adulthood. Programs and services enhance life skills, healthy behaviors and activities, and reduce high-risk behaviors, such as violence, substance abuse, poor school performance, and sexual activity.

Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP):

PREP is offered through a partnership between the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) and the Georgia Department of Families and Children (DFCS). It is an evidence-based program designed to prevent unplanned teen pregnancies and STDs/HIV among youth, ages 10-19. The purpose of the program is intended to increase positive healthy relationship behaviors and increase the percentage of youth who abstain from or delay sexual intercourse.

Power in Truth (PIT)

Power in Truth is a youth development conference that aims to empower youth with techniques to help increase healthy behaviors, avoid drugs, tobacco, and alcohol, and overcome negative influences.  For more information and resources related to Power in Truth, click here.

A variety of interactive, age-appropriate workshops, presentations, and activities designed to help parents, and other interested adults are available on:

  • STI/HIV Prevention Education
  • Abstinence Education & Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • Let’s Talk Month Activities (geared toward parents)


    Additional Resources: 

    For more information about our Adolescent Health & Youth Development programs, please contact the Chronic Disease Prevention office at (770) 432-7937.