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Opioid Data

Cobb County

Opioid overdose death rates increased in nearly every age group in 2022

Age-adjusted death rates for opioid overdose death went up in 2022 for residents of nearly all races, but most markedly in black residents.

Female death rates appear to be steady, while male death rates continue to increase.

While opioid overdoses continue to increase, the percentage of overdoses caused by synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl, is increasing even more rapidly.

Douglas County

The age group with consistently highest rates of opioid overdoses in Douglas County is the 35–44-year-old age group.

Black and White residents are most affected by opioid overdose deaths in Douglas County, with substantially higher rates of death seen in White residents.

However, even though rates of death are higher in White residents, death rates are increasing much faster in Black residents.

The overdose death rate for males in Douglas County is higher than for females, but the difference is not as stark as is seen in Cobb County.

Although the number of opioid-involved deaths in Douglas county is not consistently increasing, the percentage of deaths caused by synthetic opioids is increasing each year.