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Animal Bites/Rabies

Report This Disease to Cobb & Douglas Public Health at 770-514-2432 or fax the completed form to 770-514-2313.

For additional reporting options, please click here.

*You may also report animal bites to the Georgia Poison Control Center
at 1-866-PUB-HLTH.

Bitten/Scrathed by a Dog, Cat or Other Mammal? THINK RABIES!

  1. Please report the bite/scratch to your local Animal Control as soon as possible
  2. If possible, isolate and observe the animal for 10 days after bite/scratch – Do not interact with the animal during this time!
    • If the animal is healthy after 10 days, rabies vaccine is not needed
    • If the animal is NOT healthy after 10 days or dies, call Animal Control immediately for possible rabies testing of animal
  3. Consult your medical provider for assessment and treatment
    • You may need a tetanus (TDAP) booster; consult CDPH Travel Clinic (770-514-2485) if preferred

Rabies post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is recommended:
If the animal tests positive for rabies or cannot be found by 10 days after exposure, please visit a hospital emergency department to start PEP vaccine series – it is critical to complete entire series!

PEP Vaccine Series

  • Day 0: (1st day of series): Receive 1 shot of rabies vaccine and Immunoglobulin (IG)
    Available only through a hospital ER
  • Day 3: Receive 1 shot of rabies vaccine
  • Day 7: Receive 1 shot of rabies vaccine
  • Day 14: Receive 1 shot of rabies vaccine
  • Day 28: Receive 1 shot of rabies vaccine (if immunocompromised)

Have You Experienced a Bat in Your House?

  • If the bat was observed after waking up in a room or after being in an altered mindset (i.e., intoxicated, altered mental status, etc.), the animal needs to be tested for rabies to provide the best recommendation for post-exposure prohylaxis (PEP).
  • Call Animal Control for an officer to be dispatched to retrieve the animal for testing at the Georgia Public Health Laboratory (GPHL). If Animal Control is unavailable, a wildlife exterminator may be contacted. DO NOT let the animal escape or let the exterminator take the animal as they may not transport it to Animal Control for testing.
  • For more information, please visit:

Call CDPH Epidemiology at 770-514-2432 or 1-866-PUB-HLTH (1-866-782-4584)

Report to:

  • Cobb County Animal Control: 770-499-4136
  • Douglas County Animal Control: 770-942-5961
  • Cherokee County Animal Control: 770-345-7270
  • Fulton County Animal Control: 404-613-0358
  • DeKalb County Animal Control: 404-294-2996
  • Paulding County Animal Control: 770-445-1511

How Can I Prevent Contracting this Disease?