Thank you for your interest in Cobb & Douglas Public Health. Located in metro-Atlanta, our district serves over 900,000 residents at seven locations located throughout the two counties.

Students interested in potential internship opportunities should vist our website at Please note that we do not take inquiries over the phone, and all interested parties must complete an online application if an an opportunity is available.

Nursing students only, please contact Karla Ayers.

Intern Selection
We are fortunate to have numerous colleges and universities located in Atlanta and the surrounding area. As a result, we also have a high volume of potential intern candidates every semester. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate many qualified candidates, but we do our best to offer valuable intern experiences whenever possible. To increase the likelihood of being selected, here are a few tips to remember when applying:

Important Things to Consider:

We are only able to accept a few interns each semester. To be considered, we recommend applying as soon as you are aware of your course requirements.

Intern opportunities are placed on an “as needed” basis. Our best candidates are willing to work wherever there is a need/opportunity.

Internship days and hours are driven by the preceptor’s schedule and need. A good intern candidate is willing to work when needed.

Nursing clinical rotations are coordinated between the nursing school staff and CDPH. If you have any questions regarding nursing clinical rotations, please contact Karla Ayers. Pharmacy students should contact Craig Sherrill. Please note: Unfortunately, at the time, we are unable to provide any practicums to nurse practitioner students.

While we do our best to place as many students as possible, due to our own staffing compliment and case/patient load, we can accommodate a limited number of interns each semester. Keep in mind that because of staff vacations, etc. we are usually not able to accept as many interns during Summer semester as we can in Fall and Spring.

Our staff are often involved in multiple programs and projects at any given time. Please remember that the availability of certain programs may not necessarily align with the student’s time frame to begin or complete internship requirements.

If selected for an internship, a criminal background history is required before the agreed upon start date.

This is a competitive process and candidates should be prepared to provide an up-to-date resume, participate in both phone and/or in person interview screenings, etc. If selected, the expectation is that the student will treat this as a professional opportunity and conduct themselves accordingly. This can include things like arriving on time, dressing according to our dress code policy, and acting in a professional manner at all times. We reserve the right to dismiss any student who does not follow our established protocols and professional standards.

Next Steps
Please complete the online internship application at We also highly recommend that you upload your resume as well. Once received, your application and resume will be forwarded to program managers who will determine their program’s need for an internship each semester