Your tourist accommodation permit allows you to serve a continental breakfast if you desire.  A continental breakfast may include any non-potentially hazardous food which has been prepared commercially and is served to the customer out of the original container in which it was purchased or an approved dispenser or display container.  It may also include non-potentially hazardous beverages such as coffee and hot tea served in the container in which it was prepared.   Milk, cream, butter, and cheese may be included only if served in single serving commercially packaged original containers.  Juices and condiments (including jams, jellies, sugar, salt, and pepper) may be served only in single serving commercially packaged original containers or juices may be served from a bulk mechanical dispenser, if appropriate warewashing is available.

A continental breakfast may also include non-ready-to-eat whole, uncut, raw fruits, such as bananas, grapefruit, or oranges that require peeling of their rind before consumption; and ready to eat whole, raw, uncut fruits such as apples and/or grapes where the peel is consumed along with the meat of the fruit.

Any additional items, other than those listed, will require a food service permit to comply with the Georgia Department of Public Health Rules and Regulations for Food Service, Chapter 511-6-1.


Please call our Cobb office at (770) 435-7815 or our Douglas office at (770) 920-7311 for assistance.