Requirements for permitting a Tourist Accommodation include submission of the following:

If the Tourist Accommodation is located in Cobb County, forward the documentation listed above to:

Cobb Public Health
Center for Environmental Health
1738 County Services Pkwy.
Marietta, Georgia 30008
(770) 435-7815

If the Tourist Accommodation is located in Douglas County, forward the documentation listed above to:

Douglas Public Health
Center for Environmental Health
8700 Hospital Drive, 1st Floor
Douglasville, Georgia 30134
(770) 920-7311

For assistance in determining the correct fee, please call the appropriate Center for Environmental Health.

Additional Information

The Center for Environmental Health uses the Georgia Department of Public Health’s Tourist Accommodations Plan Review Checklist as a guide when evaluating your facility’s plans for compliance with the Rules and Regulations for Tourist Accommodations. This document can also be used to assess new plans for completeness prior to their submittal for review or to perform self-checks of existing facilities.

The cleanup process that occurs after a vomit or fecal event is very important since these substances may be contaminated with highly infectious pathogens, such as norovirus.  Norovirus is a highly contagious microorganism – as few as 10 viral particles can make you sick, and a single vomiting incident can spread as many as 300,000 viral particles into the environment.  Matters are further complicated by the fact that norovirus is resistant to many disinfectants, so choosing the right product for disinfection is essential.

The following materials are provided to help guide you through the safe and effective cleanup of vomit or fecal material:

Plan Review

  • Plan Review (1 – 20 Rooms):  $310
  • Plan Review (21-50 Rooms):  $380
  • Plan Review (51 – 100 Rooms):  $420
  • Plan Review (101 or More Rooms):  $520
  • Plan Resubmittal:  $110
  • Plan Review for Existing Facility (New Owner or Remodel):  $170

Annual Inspection

  • Annual Inspection Fee (1 – 20 Rooms ):  $290
  • Annual Inspection Fee (21 – 50 Rooms):  $405
  • Annual Inspection Fee (51 – 100 Rooms):  $515
  • Annual Inspection Fee (101 or More Rooms):  $625