There are many types of swimming pool permit applications and choosing the right one depends on what you want to do. You will need a permit to Construct a Public Swimming Pool, to Modify an Existing Public Swimming Pool, or to Operate a Public Swimming Pool.

If you are constructing a public swimming pool you will need to submit a completed Swimming Pool Construction Permit Application with plans that include a pool plumbing schematic with equipment details, specification sheets for the pool equipment, a bathhouse plan, a subdivision/community plat, and a layout of the amenity area, along with a completed Hydraulic Analysis Worksheet.

For a modification or renovation of an existing public swimming pool, you will need to submit a completed Modification Permit Application detailing all changes associated with the project and supporting documentation (i.e., cut sheets of the equipment, construction materials, etc.).

An Operational Permit Application must be completed for newly constructed public swimming pools as well as those that have changed ownership to initiate the process of obtaining an operational permit.  A valid operational permit is required before a public swimming pool can be opened for use.  Public swimming pools that operate seasonally (i.e., opening and closing sometime between April 1 and October 31) must receive a passing inspection from our department before opening each year.

Note: Applicants for new swimming pool operational permits must fully complete a Verification of Residency for Public Benefits Application before a permit can be issued.  For newly constructed pools, the swimming pool operational permit application and residency verification affidavit must be submitted, and the inspection fee must be paid before a final construction inspection can be scheduled.

Applications and Forms

Forward the original copy of the application, three (3) sets of plans (new and renovated pools only), a local contact person’s name and phone number, and the appropriate fee to:

Cobb Public Health
Center for Environmental Health
1738 County Services Pkwy
Marietta, Georgia 30008
(770) 435-7815