The purpose of the Employee Health Achievers campaign is to help ensure the proper understanding and implementation of an employee health policy among the food service operators in our district.  Having– and understanding– an effective employee health policy is a critical component for minimizing the occurrence of diseases spread through food in food service establishments.   We hope you will earn the recognition of being an Employee Health Achiever as a way of showing your commitment to food safety and the prevention of food-borne illness throughout our district.

Q:  How does an establishment earn the recognition of being an Employee Health Achiever?

A:  The person-in-charge of the establishment must:

  • Show proof of providing– and the food worker acknowledging–an Employee Health Agreement (confirmed during your routine inspection);
  • Include the five required parts in the facility’s Employee Health Policy [signs and symptoms of disease, the 6 diseases reportable to the local health authority, when to restrict food workers, when to exclude food workers and when workers may return to work] (confirmed during your routine inspection); and
  • Score 100% on our online Employee Health & Hygiene quiz (the quiz can be retaken as often as needed, though it may require either the deletion of temporary internet files and cookies or the use of a different browser for each attempt):

Q:  Once a facility has been added to the online Employee Health Achievers list, can the listing be removed as a result of a bad inspection score/grade?

A:  Removal of a listing would not be based solely on an inspection score/grade.  If the listed facility is found to be non-compliant with Employee Health requirements for two consecutive food service inspections, their facility name and address will be removed from the Employee Health Achievers page.


A certificate for posting will be issued upon successfully completing these three steps, and the establishment’s name will be added as an achiever to a dedicated page on our website.