Douglas Alcohol Abuse Prevention Initiative (DAAPI)


Alcohol is the most widely used substance among youth 9-20 years. The Live Healthy Douglas Coalitions’ Alcohol Initiative; Douglas Alcohol Abuse Prevention Initiative (DAAPI) is part of Georgia Strategic Prevention System (GSPS). GSPS is a state grant that is a multilevel network-based system aimed to prevent substance use and abuse and promote healthy choices and lifestyles among Georgians by implementing sustainable evidence-based strategies (programs, policies, and practices). The GASPS has 3 main goals:

  1. Reduce the early onset of alcohol use among 9-20 year olds (Goal chosen for Douglas County)
  2. Reduce access to alcohol and binge drinking among 9-20 year olds
  3. Reduce binge & heavy drinking among    18-25 year olds.

DAAPI works in conjunction with these three goals in order to help the state as well as Douglas County lower the number of youth who may be suffering with alcohol addiction or abuse by way of early onset of use, binge drinking, and easy access. Prevention is the key! Live Healthy Douglas Coalitions’ DAAPI program is the prevention link to introducing policies, procedures and programs that are the result of Douglas County’s community assessment.

This year’s winning video.

The following PSA was created by New Manchester High School students for the

Live Healthy Douglas Coalition Alcohol Awareness Campaign  for Alcohol Awareness Month.

See last year’s “Be the Wall” winner: 

Local Middle School Wins Alcohol Public Service Announcement


May 15, 2015

The Live Healthy Douglas Coalition and the Douglas Alcohol Prevention Program recently sponsored a PSA (Public Service Announcement) contest focused on underage drinking prevention.  Douglas County Middle and High School students were challenged to produce a 90 second video that promoted the “Be the Wall” awareness campaign which asks adults and youth to be a firm, clear, consistent, wall when it comes to youth and underage drinkin