Cobb and Douglas Public Health facilitates collaborative partnerships in each county, bringing together community organizations dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and improving the delivery of essential health services.

No matter who you are, there are opportunities to partner to improve the community in which you, work, live or play!

Introduction to Cobb2020 and Live Healthy Douglas

Cobb2020 and Live Healthy Douglas are collaborative partnerships that bring together community organizations dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and improving the delivery of essential health services in Cobb and Douglas counties. Each coalition accomplishes its work through groups, teams, and committees. These include:

    • Steering Committees – Cross-sector groups of community leaders who oversee the strategic planning process within each county. Steering committee members are responsible for guiding, advising, and bringing resources to the Community Health Assessment (CHA) as well as the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).
    • Implementation Teams – Organizations and community members engaged in planning, advocating, facilitating, and evaluating the initiatives of the partnership.
    • Workgroups – Individual teams of subject matter experts dedicated to implementing the evidence-based initiatives highlighted within the county’s CHIP. Workgroup members have community knowledge and a desire to advocate for a healthier county. The workgroups provide a space for partners to network and collaborate on shared goals and objectives.
Cobb2020 Partnership

Cobb2020 Overview

Mission: Creating a community that works together to achieve optimal health for all those who live, learn, work, and play in Cobb County.

Vision: Cobb County will reach its full potential in health and well-being.

Values: Collaboration, Education, Access, Prevention and Equity

Cobb2020 was formed in April 2011 as a result of the Cobb County MAPP process. It has a Steering Committee with a diverse membership of key community leaders who are dedicated to making significant changes to the health status of Cobb County.

2023-2027 Strategic Priorities:

  • Access to Health Services: Mental and Behavioral Health, Access to Care, and Maternal and Infant Health
  • Basic Needs and Healthy Lifestyles: Healthy Eating and Healthy Behaviors

How to Get Involved:

Live Healthy Douglas

Live Healthy Douglas Overview

Mission: To create an environment of wellness through community collaboration, advocacy and education.

Vision: Healthy People, Safe Environment, Eng