Cobb & Douglas Public Health is dedicated to continuous improvement and ensuring the highest quality of public health services for the residents of Cobb and Douglas counties. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated through our community health assessment and improvement plans, strategic management, operational performance measurement, and national accreditation from the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB).

CDPH embraces a culture of continuous improvement, striving to enhance our strategies and processes to better serve the needs of our community. Our dedicated team of over 350 professionals delivers a diverse range of services across our seven locations and approximately 30 programs. We employee a continuous improvement framework (below) to ensure rapid and effective problem solving occurs at all levels of the agency. CDPH also ensures external and internal stakeholders are aligned on strategic and operational goals.

Community Health Assessment & Improvement Plan (CHA/CHIP)

To understand the unique health needs of our community, CDPH conducts a comprehensive Community Health Assessment (CHA) every five years. This assessment informs the development of our Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), which focuses on key priorities and strives for health equity through policy, systems, and environmental change.

The most recent versions of our CHA, CHIP, and progress reports can be found on our website.

CDPH Strategic Plan & Scorecard

In collaboration with various stakeholders, CDPH developed a comprehensive Strategic Plan for 2022-2025. This plan identifies five agency-level strategic goals: Recruitment & Retention, Service Accessibility, Internal Collaboration, Partnerships, and Visibility. Each goal is supported by objectives, measures, and action items, which are monitored and reported using our performance management software. Our simplified strategy map (below) shows how our goals lead to improved service delivery and a healthier community.

Strategic actions are cascaded down throughout the agency to ensure orga