Cobb & Douglas Public Health recently sponsored the annual Cobb County Health Hero Award with the Cobb Chamber of Commerce and Cobb 2020 Partnership for Health. Each year, one person and one business is honored for significant effort to improve our community’s health and well-being. The award was presented at the Cobb Chamber’s Health and Bioscience Industry Council Meeting.

In past years, honorees have been doctors, nurses, youth-serving groups or health administrators but due to the recent pandemic, the term “Health Hero” has taken on a whole new meaning.  So many Cobb County residents and businesses have stepped up in 2020 to be “Health Heroes”:

  • Hospital employees have worked around the clock to care for ill patients before they even knew what they were facing;
  • Businesses altered their delivery models overnight to ensure employees and customers stayed safe;
  • Grocery store workers ensured that food (and toilet paper!) was available to all of us;
  • Restaurants offered drive through options and donated food to first responders and seniors in need;
  • Financial professionals helped keep our families and businesses from drowning during the economic crisis;
  • Janitors and waste removal personnel provided heroic disinfectant measures to reduce our risk;
  • Police, Fire and EMS workers responded to crisis calls without knowing if they were also serving a COVID+ person;
  • County and City Governments continued to offer critical community services and secure funding for our businesses.

All our Essential Workers put their own health at risk and many sacrificed time with their own families in order to care for others. Because of this, there was not one Health Hero this year. This year, the award was given to ALL ESSENTIAL WORKERS, pandemic allies, and healthcare super stars. Let us honor them with this award, and also by doing our part to get Cobb County through this pandemic – Watch your distance, Wear a mask, and Wash your hands often.

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