From 2012 through 2017, Cobb & Douglas Public Health (CDPH) made significant improvements in seven priority areas: clinical quality, business process, national public health accreditation (PHAB), internal and external communications, information technology, fiscal management and stewardship, and workforce development. The 2018 Strategic Plan will continue the current work in these areas, and additionally focus on new opportunities to advance our mission and vision over the next five years.

As one of the largest public health districts in Georgia, CDPH is responsible for the protection and safety of nearly 900,000 residents of Cobb and Douglas counties. It employs over 330 people who provide services through 30 programs at seven locations. To facilitate strategic management of this extensive portfolio of work, CDPH utilizes a “Balanced Scorecard” system as the core of a robust performance management system which assures proper alignment of our plans, systems, and activities with its mission, vision and values.

Over the past eight months, CDPH engaged its Boards of Health and staff to undertake an extensive review and revision of its inaugural December 2012 CDPH Strategic Plan using a ten-step process which included:

  • a thorough review and validation of its mission, vision and values
  • a “SWOT” analysis with several groups of stakeholders
  • the identification of the key strategic issues facing CDPH
  • the formulation of strategies to address those issues
  • the development of a new plan and the assurance that the support systems were in place to effectively implement and evaluate its strategies.

While many opportunities for improvement were acknowledged in the 2017 strategic planning process, the need for these five agency-level strategic initiatives were identified:

  1. Community Health Improvement
  2. Performance Management
  3. Workforce Development
  4. Information Technology
  5. Marketing

The appendices included in this plan contain more specific detail regarding the implementation plans and will be monitored and updated annually.

The Boards of Health and staff are excited at the prospects that this plan has for helping CDPH achieve healthier lives and healthier communities in Cobb and Douglas counties.

Download the report at the following link: 2018 Strategic Plan.

About Cobb & Douglas Public Health
Since 1920, Cobb & Douglas Public Health, with our partners, promotes and protects the health and safety of the residents of Cobb and Douglas counties. We work to achieve healthy people in healthy communities by: Preventing epidemics and spread of disease; Protecting against environmental hazards; Preventing injuries; Promoting and encouraging healthy behaviors; Responding to disasters and assisting in community recovery; Assuring the quality and accessibility of health care. By excelling at our core responsibilities, we will assist our residents in living healthier, longer and more rewarding lives.