Douglasville, GA – Cobb & Douglas Public Health (CDPH) is now offering full-service travel health services at the Douglas Public Health Center, located at 6770 Selman Drive, in addition to the Marietta and East Cobb locations. The CDPH Travel Health Clinics provide an array of information and services to prepare individuals for international travels.

The clinics stock recommended vaccines throughout the year, provide malaria prevention medication, and receive weekly global updates about the health and political climate from the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Additionally, CDPH nurses are specially trained to provide education about prevention of international travel health problems.

Some of the diseases and illnesses CDPH Travel Health Clinics can help educate travelers about include:

Vaccine Preventable Diseases Food and Waterborne Illnesses Diseases Spread by Insects
·         Hepatitis A and B ·         Salmonella ·         Yellow Fever
·         Typhoid ·         Listeria ·         Malaria
·          Meningitis ·         Botulism ·         Filariasis

Prior to administering vaccinations, the CDPH staff conducts a thorough review of health and immunization history, as well as travel plans including the risk for acquiring vaccine-preventable diseases and other illnesses. Customized information about all countries, including entry requirements, areas of political or military instability, medical facilities, food and water dangers, customs, crime, and laws related to tourists’ health and safety, is available by request.
“The CDPH Travel Health Clinics provide one of the very best services offered in our community at an exceptional value,” said Catharine Smythe, Director of Clinical Services for Cobb & Douglas Public Health. “Whether people are traveling for business or pleasure, we can help reduce the stress and uncertainty that can occur when traveling to a foreign country.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact the Douglas Public Health Center at (770) 949-1970, the Marietta Public Health Center at (770) 514-2485 or the East Cobb Public Health Center at (678)784-2180.

Travel Health Services are offered by appointment only.