Provides Detailed Picture of Cobb and Douglas County Residents’ Health

Cobb & Douglas Public Health (CDPH) has just released the 2014 How Healthy Are We? annual report cards for both Cobb and Douglas Counties.  According to these health reports, the 855,000 residents who live in these two counties share diseases of the heart as the leading cause of death and continue to face serious obesity-related issues. As many as 36% of our children and 59% of all adults are overweight or obese in our community. This information reinforces our need to continue to focus on improving physical activity and healthy eating habits while eliminating tobacco use.  If we continue with our current trend, we will fulfill the alarming projection that children in this generation will experience a shorter life span and less healthy years of life than their parents.

These health report cards also present trend and comparison data on key children’s health issues, infectious and chronic diseases, and access to quality healthcare. Encouragingly, we are seeing fewer infant deaths overall due to improved prenatal education, lower teen birth rates and access to prenatal services. However, there is still concern with infant mortality particularly in our minority populations.

For all the public health professionals who work on the front lines protecting and promoting the health and safety of the community, these  new  reports are  a valuable tool for planning and evaluating current efforts to address the most pressing health issues.

“These reports reflect key health indicators that all organizations and individuals can use to understand our risks and take action to improve health,” said Dr. Jack Kennedy, District Health Director of Cobb & Douglas Public Health. “Understanding health concerns and risks will help us plan for the future, create solutions and provide positive health outcomes for our community.”

To access an online version of the 2014 “How Healthy Are We?” report cards, visit: Cobb Health Status Report or Douglas Health Status Report.