As part of a rebranding initiative, Cobb & Douglas Public Health is proud to announce its new brand concept, logo, tagline, website and other marketing initiatives. The new logo mark features three characters “working together” with each one representing the organization’s three primary areas of focus within health and safety: promotion, protection and prevention. The mark also symbolizes a spirit of cooperation, representing the connection of residents with the resources they need and the partnership with government agencies, businesses, education providers, other health providers and the community for the well being of residents and visitors. The new tagline, “Healthier Lives. Healthier Community.” is a bold, modern reflection of the organization’s overarching goal of keeping the individual and community healthy.

As part of its rebranding effort, Cobb & Douglas Public Health has also launched a new, comprehensive website: The new design provides a user-friendly experience and serves as an informative resource for health and wellness that better meets the public’s health needs. It also reflects the spirit of cooperation and connection that has long existed between the organization’s partners and the community.

Cobb & Douglas Public Health partnered with 524 Creative, an award-winning advertising and marketing agency in Marietta, Ga., to develop and implement the new brand. 524 Creative was selected after a thorough RFP bid process.

“Cobb & Douglas Public Health is far above and beyond what is traditionally associated with public health. In addition to providing exceptional, cost-effective health services, the organization keeps our community safe and healthy in ways unrealized by most. They prevent the spread of disease, protect us from environmental threats, lead emergency preparedness and response and have become a trusted resource and essential community partner. Our goal was to visually reflect this by making the new brand modern, professional and approachable so the community embraces the organization the way the organization embraces the community. 524 Creative was privileged to be a part of the rebranding process and we look forward to the organization’s future success,” said Scott Wright, Founding Partner of 524 Creative.

The rebranding initiative began with the development of defining key messaging, identifying target audiences and messages. The Cobb & Douglas Public Health and 524 Creative conducted multiple focus groups and interviews to solidify the brand’s promise, value proposition, personality and overall goals.

“Our new brand reveals the heart of who we are as an agency: compassionate, responsible, ethical, responsive, reputable, reliable and innovative and it’s important to us that our residents know that because they trust us to keep them healthy and safe,” said Jack Kennedy, M.D., District Health Director, Cobb & Douglas Public Health. “Healthier Lives. Healthier Community.” is our ultimate goal. We also want to connect with the community and help them understand our goals, programs and services by making them accessible to them. Our new web site is a valuable resource for information and helps residents and visitors find what they are looking for quickly and easily.”

Cobb & Douglas Public Health is currently making the exciting transition to the new brand, including creating new marketing collateral, business cards, stationery, exterior signage, and the redesigned website.

About Cobb & Douglas Public Health
Since 1920, Cobb & Douglas Public Health has been dedicated to promoting and protecting the health and safety of our local community and region. The agency is committed to improving quality of life by tracking and preventing the spread of disease, promoting health and safety through education and communication, providing exceptional medical services and ensuring that our community is prepared for public health emergencies.  The partnerships that we establish with organizations, businesses, agencies, and local leaders, are essential in maintaining a healthy and safe community.