Whether you are planning to travel overseas for leisure, business or ministry, Cobb & Douglas Public Health’s Travel Clinic can help to make your trip smoother. The last thing anyone wants to deal with when traveling abroad is getting sick or being injured.

CDPH provides a full array of information and services to prepare individuals for international travels. The Travel Health Clinic stocks worldwide vaccines throughout the year, provides malaria prevention medication and receives weekly global updates about the health and political climate from the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Additionally, our nurses are specially trained in preventing international travel health problems.

We also provide information on how to prevent illness from insects, food, and water. We provide customized information about the countries you’re traveling to, including entry requirements, areas of political or military instability, medical facilities, customs, crime, and laws related to tourists’ health and safety. We review your health and immunization history, as well as your travel plans, and assess your risk for acquiring vaccine-preventable diseases and and other illnesses. Then we can administer the vaccines needed to protect you from these diseases and advise you about how to avoid other illness and injury.

Lisa Crossman, Director of Clinical & Prevention Services for CDPH, says “This clinic one of the very best services offered in our community. Our staff consistently earns excellent marks in overall customer satisfaction, skill, knowledge and care! And we offer an exceptional value to our clients. Whether folks are traveling for business or leisure, we can reduce the stress and uncertainty that can occur when traveling to a foreign country.”

Let us help you have a safer and more enjoyable trip by visiting one of our two locations. For more information or to schedule an appointment call the Marietta Public Health Center at (770) 514-2485 or the East Cobb Public Health Center at (678)784-2180. Travel Health Services are offered by appointment only at the Marietta Public Health Center.

Visit our website at www.cobbanddouglaspublichealth.org or call 770-514-2307 for more information about immunizations.

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